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With over 75 years experience, Dulux Protective Coatings provides protection against corrosion, UV exposure, chemical attack, abrasion and impact damage in diverse, harsh and corrosive environments.

Our heavy duty inorganic zinc silicate and zinc-rich epoxy primers, high build epoxies, chlorinated rubbers, epoxy-acrylic and polyurethane topcoats and micaceous iron oxide coatings protect many significant railway and infrastructure projects across Australia today. Dulux Protective Coatings’ experienced technical consultants can provide tailor made solutions for whatever your project demands, whether it is new work or maintenance..

Parchem Construction Supplies (Parchem) was originally known as Expandite Rawlplug Australia and was established in Sydney in 1958.

In addition to our products manufactured here in Australia, Parchem Construction Supplies brings to the Australian market products and technology from all corners of the globe via our alliances with respected companies including Fosroc International, Vandex and Vector Corrosion Technologies.

The civil engineering, industrial and commercial industries are well serviced by Parchem’s broad range of products and our strong commitment to service and technical support.

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