Spanning more than 50 years, Denso Australia has been manufacturing and supplying a range of SeaShied products in the prevention of corrosion for subsea and marine environments.

The Denso SeaShield range of products on offer is designed to protect marine structures where corrosion is a major problem in splash zones, inter-tidal and subsea environments. These environments are extremely corrosive due to the constantly changing mixture of air, temperature and chloride laden water, the perfect recipe for severe rusting. If nothing is done to minimise the corrosion process, the structures can soon become unsafe and extremely costly to repair.

Our SeaShield products designed to protect against corrosion for the marine and subsea environments comprise of the following:

•    Series 70 suitable for timber piles to provide splash or tidal zone protection in relatively sheltered environments.
•    Series 100 suitable for steel and concrete loading wharfs, jetties, dolphins, piers and beacons in sheltered environments.
•    Series 2000FD designed to protect piles in harsh marine environments.
•    Series 500 is tough, durable and provides the ultimate protection to restore steel, concrete and timber piles. 
•    Series 400 a structural repair system that doubles the strength of the original timber piles.

We lead the way in providing innovative solutions in preventing corrosion across all industry sectors.

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