05 - 06 March, 2019 | The Park Hotel Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD

Sean Bolt

General Manager of Marine and Infrastructure
Port Otago

2:10 PM Future Proofing Structures: Deepening Channels to Cater to Larger Vessels

In response to the creation of larger vessels, coasts and marines are deepening their channels to compensate and cater to future growth. While most channels are 14m long, many ports across the world are spending billions of dollars to deepen their channels further. Sean Bolt, General Manager of Marine and Infrastructure from Port Otago, will present a case study on the projects his port is undergoing to deep their channels, and the associated innovations they’ve undertaken to future-proof existing structures.

  • Find environmental solutions to channel deepening that will allow greater access to ships 
  • Understand innovative models for long term asset maintenance 
  • Define the process of port expansion for future trade and monetary gain

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Sean.

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