20 - 21 March, 2018 | Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Brisbane, QLD

Harvinder Singh

Senior Maritime Engineer

10:20 AM Ensuring Performance of Fenders throughout Their Service Life

The appetite to accommodate larger container vessels in Australian Ports will see existing berthing infrastructure placed under greater pressure and with that comes the need to upgrade existing infrastructure. This follows global trends seen over the last decade with the implementation of the latest generation of Very Large Container Vessels on the main Asia-Europe trade routes leading to trickle down of large and medium vessels displaced from these routes.

Fendering is key to accommodating these larger vessels, absorbing the increasing berthing energy without pushing greater loads onto existing wharf structures is seeing ports seek out innovative fender solutions. The maritime industry has progressed a long way in design development of fenders, however it is vital for port operators to get the value they deserve, there is still room for improvement to ensure these assets are manufactured and tested with a guaranteed performance during its service life.

PIANC - Guidelines for the Design of Fender Systems: 2002, is the current accepted industry
standard for the design, procurement and installation of fender systems. The presentation will review the current basis of this standard and highlight areas which port authorities should consider to provide real improvements to the service life and operation of the critical assets, including:

  • Guarantees Fender Performance within the service life;
  • Maintain a standard Quality Assurance throughout the fendering industry;
  • Ensure materials used to manufacture fenders are durable and “fit for use”;
  • Performance verification for fenders in service.

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