Peter Reed

General Manager of Asset Management
Port Authority NSW

A fitter and turner by trade Peter Reed had spent over 30 years in electricity generation, working in major power stations in the west of the state.  Peter’s career started ‘on the tools’ and then progressed through team leadership roles in maintenance workshops, at Wallerawang Power Station, until 1993 when he took “that” step to Asset Management.

Peter held a number of senior asset management and system management positions, responsible for key capital areas of the plant.  In 2003 Peter was appointed as Asset Manager for External Plant at Wallerawang and Mt Piper Power Station and, with a team of nine, managed all: Dams, Ash Management, Coal Plant, Water Treatment and Compressed Air plant. 

He held this position until late 2010 when the opportunity arose for a SEA Change and took up the positon of Asset Manager for the then Sydney Ports Corporation.  Peter was tasked with changing the Asset MAINTENANCE culture of the corporation into an Asset MANAGEMENT culture; a task which is still ongoing.  Having survived privatisation, two restructures and one re-homogulation, he is now responsible for all marine and land based assets that come under the newly formed Port Authority of New South Wales.  As the General Manager of Asset Management, Peter’s charter has expanded to include; radar systems, cruise terminals, land and water based commercial aids to navigation, vessels and a lot of structural concrete which has been installed in an extremely hostile salt water environment.

Peter holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Practice (MEP), is a Graduate of the Asset Management Council of NSW as well as a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  Peter lives in the country with his wife of 30 years, two children and one grandson, works in the city and rides rather large motorcycles for fun.