20 - 21 March 2018 | Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Brisbane, Australia

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Coast and Marine Structures 2018 - View Final Event Guide

Welcome to our 10th Annual Coast and Marine Structures Summit 2018!

This year the summit will focus on how to optimise port operations, proactively plan to accommodate larger vessels, manage assets and maintain pace with the international market through planning, designing and managing port infrastructure.

Case Studies

How Technology is Transforming Strategic Port Planning

In this case study from Coast and Marine Structures 2016, Alice Zsembery, Senior Maritime & Port Planner at Mott MacDonald discusses how simulation technology is paving the way for effective system design and operational planning can be used as a way to improve end-to-end terminal performance over the long term.

Indonesia Port Corporation: A Look at their $5 billion Tanjung Priok Port Redevelopment

Ahead of Coasts and Marine Structures 2017, we chat with David Wignall, Senior Vice President at the Indonesia Port Corporation. David discusses IPC’s multi-billion dollar port development project – the largest in Indonesia’s history, and looks at how IPC is working to future-proof their investment.

Please allow for some time to download this case study, thanks for your patience.

Retrofitting Aging Infrastructure to Increase Wharf Capacity

Ahead of Coasts and Marine Structures 2017, we chat with, Lieutenant Commander Robert Short, Naval Harbour Master at The Royal Australian Navy’s Port Jackson Fleet Base East. Robert discusses the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) plans to retrofit their existing wharf structures in order to increase capacity and accommodate larger vessels.

Extending the Asset Lifecycle: Exploring Strategies and Tips from Three Major Projects

Ahead of the Coast and Marine Structures Summit 2018 we explore the strategies and innovations asset owners and marine engineers at Queensland Sugar, Ausenco and Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal are utilising to future-proof their assets and extend lifecycle.

Driving Economic Investment with a $1.64b Port Expansion Project

Ahead of the Coast and Marine Structures Summit 2018, we explore the $1.64b Port of Townsville expansion project and delve into the economic benefits the infrastructure investment will have on not only Townsville, but on the entire Queensland region. 

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Robotic Automation of Marine Structure Maintenance

Especially in the sea, the relentless forces of entropy are ever at work, corroding, pitting, and wearing away. Shipping ports face the challenge of keeping natural processes in check and maintaining key infrastructure so that the flow of goods can be conducted reliably and profitably.
Today, ports develop maintenance plans based on estimates derived from manual inspections that yield a fraction of the total available data of the inspected structures. As a consequence, such estimates are at best educated guesses intended to develop maintenance plans for billions of dollars of assets and infrastructure. Engineers, cautious by nature, err toward asset replacement based on incomplete structural assessments generated through spotty, error-prone human testing processes. Port managers, under pressure from government compliance bodies, accept the expense of replacement rather than risk failing a safety audit.
Artemis IRS offers a novel, integrated, and proven solution that provides engineers with objective, full-coverage analysis of structural assets free from any subjective human bias. The solution integrates the latest in real-world data acquisition within a robotic platform.


Exploring Innovative Corrosion Control Methods that Create Efficiencies

In this past presentation from the Coast and Marine Structures Summit David Edelman, Project Engineer at Queensland Sugar Ltd explores:

  • Main learnings in asset management of the Lucinda offshore steel structures
  • Cost effective solutions for repair and maintenance of aging steel infrastructure, including the long term use of petrolatum tapes for corrosion protection
  • Cost comparison of different techniques for protecting against corrosion

Developing an Asset Management System

In this past presentation from the Coast and Marine Structures Summit 2017 Matthew Primmer, Engineering Manager, Port of Hastings Development Authority explores:

  • Providing a systematic and transparent process for the justification and timing of asset management activities
  • Obtaining a detailed understanding of maintenance liabilities, priorities, risks and opportunities
  • Developing a strategic approach to asset management to optimise the performance of the assets, minimise lifecycle costs and mitigate risks of asset failure
  • Providing a clear line of sight between the corporate objectives and day-to-day maintenance activities

Managing and Optimising the Performance of your Assets through Strategic Long-Term Port Master Planning

In this past presentation from the Coast and Marine Structures Summit 2017 David Wignall, Senior Vice President at the Indonesia Port Corporation explores:

  • Background into the port expansion and 30- port development and upgrade projects across Indonesia
  • Key considerations and challenges in regards to unified large projects, including strategies to optimise land use; manage sustainability and durability of your assets; and minimise your ecological footprint
  • The nature of innovation solutions to increase speed and efficiency and assure reliability of delivery in port development while reducing operational costs
  • Building flexibility and resilience into your master planning
  • Considering the commercial impact of the port expansions and upgrades in your master plan

Retrofitting Existing Structures to Increase Wharf Capacity and Future-Proof Ports

In this past presentation from the Coast and Marine Structures Summit 2017, LCDR Robert Short, Naval Harbour Master – Sydney for the Royal Australian Navy explores:

  • Projects that have upgraded existing infrastructure
  • Scheduling and alternate berthing options
  • Future projects and proposals to increase wharf space

A New Generation of Accessible and Flood Resilient Ferry Terminals

In this presentation from Coast and Marine Structures Arne Nilsen, Marine Lead at Aurecon explores the Brisbane Ferry Terminal project and delves into the asset protection and future proofing strategies integrated.