10th Annual Coast and Marine Structures 2018

Maximising Trade Opportunities through Port Optimisation, Innovation and Transformation

Australia’s trade balance in 2017 hit 1.74 billion, exceeding the forecast by 0.54 billion. This demonstrates the rising trend in trading activities leading to accelerated port operations. Following this rapid growth in trade, the need for port optimization and infrastructure development to support increased trade opportunities and drive regional growth is more urgent than ever before.

With this in mind, our 10th Annual Coast and Marine Structures Summit 2018 will focus on how to optimise port operations, proactively plan to accommodate larger vessels, manage assets and maintain pace with the international market through planning, designing and managing port infrastructure.

Key learning areas will include:

  • Effectively manage your assets to extend the life of existing wharf structures
  • Future proofing structures and increasing operational efficiency through the adoption of innovative new technology
  • Accommodating larger vessels and increasing trade opportunities through the delivery of new build and retrofit port infrastructure

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Attend this 2-day conference and learn about:


Innovative planning and design of ports to create efficiencies that drive profit


Best practice asset management strategies and new PIANC design principles for bulk terminals


Proactive asset management and maintenance to improve durability and maximise and extend asset lifecycles


Alternative material and protection techniques trialled and tested in the US and Europe


Strategies to shift organisational culture and mindset from asset management to asset maintenance


How you can leverage technology to increase the efficiency of your marine structures


Case studies on retrofitting, expanding and upgrading your ports in cost-effective ways

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